[Portaudio] PulseAudio Host API for Portaudio

Tuukka Pasanen pasanen.tuukka at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 01:26:34 EST 2015

I've been slowly implementing PulseAudio HostApi. Because I couldn't get 
fork working in Assembla I uploaded code to Github.
There is Pull Request in Github for tracking changes and comment code (I 
also welcome direct mails or mail list comments) which is located:


Branch for this is located


if you are not familiar with Git (like me I'm more Subversion background)

git clone -b hostapi-pulseaudio 
and code is locate 'portaudio-pulseaudio/src/hostapi/pulseaudio'

Work is mainly done to get PulseAudio better supported in Mixxx 
(http://mixxx.org) and it's still in beta stage (but working for me at 
least) and
implements Callback and blocking interface. If you have time to review 
code or test it with your setup it would be more than welcome!

and yes this in only relevant for Linux folks.


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