[Portaudio] simultaneous capture / record from different devices in different threads

Perry Kivolowitz perry at kivolowitz.com
Sat Dec 12 19:10:38 EST 2015

Hi All,

My (windows) backbone runs one thread per audio plugin.

One plugin is intended to perform port audio capture.
One plugin is intended to perform port audio playback.

Both plugins are dlls linked dynamically against portaudio_x86.

Pa_Initialize and friends are called separately in both plugins.

The capture and playback device indices are different.

I am getting an unexpected host error resulting from the second plugin (to
start) Pa_StartSteam originating in pa_win_wasapi.c. line 3197



CoInitialize has not been called.

within the block of code dealing with the out client.

I am wondering if I am misguided on one of several levels including:
1 - need to open portaudio multiple times
2 - need to use two different devices rather than doing i/o on one device
3 - multiple threads
4 - multiple dlls in multiple threads linked against port audio as a dll

Can any one point me in a direction (best practice?)

Thank you
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