[Portaudio] using paFramesPerBufferUnspecified

Gilles Barges gbarges at free.fr
Tue Dec 15 01:41:18 EST 2015


I’d like to use the paFramesPerBufferUnspecified option to shorten latencies.
In this case, it is said that the number of frames for each callback may vary.
So it seems that I have to wait for the callback to occur in order to know how many frames I have to push on output.

In my architecture I have a dedicated thread (not the CB thread) to prepare in advance the next chunk of audio.
As soon as the callback occurs, I can start to prepare audio.
But here I don’t know how many frames the next callback will ask !

So, is paFramesPerBufferUnspecified only usable when the audio is elaborated directly from inside the callback function ?

Gilles Barges.

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