[Portaudio] using paFramesPerBufferUnspecified

Robert Bielik robert.bielik at dirac.se
Tue Dec 15 13:00:24 EST 2015

Hi Ross and all,

Den 2015-12-15 kl. 07:55, skrev Ross Bencina:
> You can use it however you want. But you won't know how many samples 
> it needs until the callback is called.

I've been thinking about this. In WDM/KS, WASAPI, ASIO, CoreAudio and 
ALSA, the number of frames in the callback will be known (to the API) 
after calling Pa_OpenStream (even with
paFramesPerBufferUnspecified) but prior to starting the stream. It would 
make sense to perhaps add an int to PaStreamInfo with #frames ?


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