[Portaudio] using paFramesPerBufferUnspecified

Gilles Barges gbarges at free.fr
Wed Dec 16 09:31:50 EST 2015

>> Also, it?s difficult to report errors from inside the callback.
> I'm not sure what you mean by this. Usually you'd set up a lock-free 
> queue to log messages back to the UI thread.

I did not knew about this mechanism. I will read further. Thank you.

>> And by putting heavy calculations in a separate thread, I keep my graphic interface fluid, at least on a multicore.
> I'm not sure what you mean by this. The PA callback already runs in a 
> separate thread.

Computations can be done in 3 places :
- in the Callback thread. Only for bounded time tasks.
- in the main thread. A long work will break the UI fluidity, even on a multicore.
- a dedicated thread. Taking advantage of a multicore CPU.

>> I suppose I cannot be told a superior limit ?
> This is a requested feature, but it is not currently available.p

paFramesPerBufferFixedButUnspecified seems interesting.

Gilles Barges.

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