[Portaudio] Cannot install PortAudio on El Capitan

Michael Buckley mbbuckley at umass.edu
Tue Dec 29 11:48:09 EST 2015

Hey everyone,
So I'm new to programming in general, and I'm trying to teach myself audio
programming using C/C++ and "The Audio Programming Book." One of the
chapters relies heavily on the user being able to use PortAudio. However,
when I try to do a build for PortAudio on my computer, I get this error

configure: error: Couldn't find 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9 SDK

I have Xcode installed, version 7.2 I believe, and I'm running OS X 10.11.
I've done some searching, and it seems like there is no SDK that comes with
my version of Xcode, or something to that affect. A lot of this stuff is
new to me. I'm not really sure what an SDK is or does and I'm pretty much
just following instructions from the PortAudio tutorial. But now I'm stuck.
I've tried to find an older version of Xcode, to just literally take the
SDK out of that and put it in my Xcode contents folder, or just find a
standalone SDK for download. Neither of these options seem worth pursuing,
given the searching I've done and my level of experience with this type of

What are my options at this point? Is there a simple way to get around this
and just get the PortAudio Library working with my program? And if not, I'm
open to advice.
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