[Portaudio] compiling portaudio for UWP ?

Laurent Zanoni laurent.zanoni at acapela-group.com
Thu Dec 1 03:32:47 EST 2016


I'm trying to compile lastest stable portaudio 20161030.tgz under Visual Studio 2015 to build a UWP DLL.
Without success so far.

I've started from a blank UWP DLL project and added the PA sources.
Right now, it's still compiling as .c (not C++) and I havent activated the /ZW to consume runtime extension.

It compiles fine but at linking, it doesn't find IUnknow_QueryInterface and _DEVINTERFACE_AUDIO_RENDER, _DEVINTERFACE_AUDIO_CAPTURE symbols.
I think it's because these symbols are not declared in UWP, but the compiler doesn"t complain because it's C not C++ ?

Any hint ?

I saw a message on the ML that WASAPI was ported to UWP (Windows Store) a few month ago, would anyone have a working VS 2015 UWP project ?
Laurent Zanoni

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