[Portaudio] A small guidance needed in WMME

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Thu Dec 1 12:31:06 EST 2016

Hello to all,

I have lost myself in the translation of too many examples and tests and i am not sure what way should i choose to have a good and best choice so not to spend time uneccessarily.

I made a blocking and non blocking input to output but i cant understand which is best,  after i see other tests with other ways i dont know if what i am doing is correct for my needs or not.

What i want to achieve is to be able to get the input from microphone, save it to a buffer and also play that buffer to the output at the same time.

It will be for a p2p chat service using connection between 2 pc`s for example so after i do my tests on the same pc  i have to be able to switch the output to listen to the incoming buffer from others pc microphone sended buffer later on.

Which test or combinations of tests, examples and tuts suite me well ?

Thanks in advance for you time

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