[Portaudio] New member to list, question about default filters

Matt Sykes zzebowa at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 5 07:23:51 EST 2016

Hi all, and can I start off by saying how  good PortAudio is, it simplifies what is a complex and undocumented API (Kernel Streaming), providing a directly usable wrapper, or a reference.

Couple of things I have found though in patest_read_record.cpp:

1) between Pa_GetDefaultInputDevice() and Pa_OpenStream() I had to add a sleep(100) otherwise the call to Pa_OpenStream failed, haven't looked into this yet.

2) The default input and output devices on one of my test boxes are rear mic array and headphones, on another the default output device is speakers, so the assumption that the first device in the filter list is the default isn't always correct.

3) Had to add LOOPED_STREAMING to the code, perhaps modern hardware doesn't do STANDARD anymore.

Anyway, great product, I am truly impressed by the amount of effort this must have required, KS is a poorly (and wrongly) documented interface by MSFT, perhaps they want to kill it and force people over to WASAPI?   However I need a very low latency audio component and will have to implement it eventually in the kernel, so the KS API is perfect.

Many thanks guys!

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