[Portaudio] paIncompatibleHostApiSpecificStreamInfo

Les Cargill lcargill99 at inbox.com
Mon Mar 21 23:12:30 EDT 2016

I'm testing portasudio against a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 with ASIO 

I'm able to send and receive audio to/from the default device just fine.

When I step into Pa_OpenStream, then into ValidateOpenStreamParameters, 
it seems to think my interface is of type 11 (paWDMKS )  , not 3 ( 
paASIO ).
 From pa_front.c line 891:

* *hostApi = hostApis_[inputHostApiIndex];*

where inputHostApiIndex is 3 but

*(*hostApi)->info.type *

evaluates to 11 (paWDMKS)

It then returns *paIncompatibleHostApiSpecificStreamInfo*

Yet when I enumerate devices it's of type 3 ( paASIO ).

I'm sure I've missed a step.

I also seem to get two exceptions in ... what appears to be asio.cpp ( 
which should be built with symbols and /debug ) related to "no driver 

I'm a bit new to Visual Studio so apologies for any misperceptions 
related to the exceptions. I can set breakpoints in asio.cpp, so...

Les Cargill

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