[Portaudio] Portaudio & FFTW

Knut Inge knutinh at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 12:46:24 EST 2018

FFTW is one implementation of the FFT. The FFT is a method to calculat the
DFT with less complexity.

So are you asking how to make a realtime spectrum analyser or how to
integrate FFTW into Portaudio?

I find that Matlab documentation is often helpful:


On Monday, February 5, 2018, cristiano piatti <cristiano.piatti at gmail.com>

> Good morning,
> does anybody know how to implement a FFTW (www.fftw.org) streaming
> audio example ?,
> and can suggest me how to implement a canonical dft and/or fft on a
> streaming of audio samples ?
> Many thanks.
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