[Portaudio] Golang portable sound i/o

Scott Cotton wsc at iri-labs.com
Thu Sep 6 08:29:58 EDT 2018

Hi all,

ZikiChombo <http://zikichombo.org> has started a Golang project
<http://github.com/zikichombo.org/sio> similar to port audio.  I am writing
to solicit feedback and know-how from the portaudio community.  It is early
in our project lifecycle and we would like to learn as much as possible
from port audio and share back anything we do differently (there are some
things we plan to do differently outlined in this github PR

(Also, since zc/sio is in a different language, we're not sure how
portaudio authors request w.r.t. redistributed changes being sent back
would work; comments?)

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